Friends and Family Test Results

What is the Friends and Family Test?

The NHS has asked GP Practices to provide patients with the opportunity to provide feedback, following their treatment. This is known as the Friends and Family Test (FFT).

The FFT consists of two questions:

  1. A statutory question   “would you recommend Kepier Medical Practice to your friends and family?” to which the answers vary from “Extremely likely” through to “Extremely unlikely”.
  2. Each Practice can determine the second question – we have chosen ‘What could have made your visit better?’

How are we doing this?

From 1 December 2014, if you visit your Kepier Medical Practice and you have your mobile phone registered with us, you will automatically receive a text message as you leave the practice. You will need to respond to the text to register your experience.  Alternatively you can fill in a paper form in Reception.

NHS Friends and Family Test is a quick and simple way of collecting patient feedback to improve services.

The information will give our GP practice invaluable feedback on what you think of the care and treatment you have received, which along with existing ways of gathering feedback, will help us to make improvements and improve the experience for our patients.

The Friends and Family Test has already been successfully rolled out in hospitals across the country and is proving to be valuable in obtaining patient experiences. For more information on the Friends and Family Test, please visit

We now have the results for the Friends and Family test for the period from 1st April 2016 until 31st March 2017 when 418 patients responded

Extremely likely 312
Likely 50
Neither likely nor unlikely 15
Unlikely 18
Extremely unlikely 19
Don’t know 4

Patients mostly responded that they would like waiting times (those who had an appointment).  Some patients felt that they waited too long in the waiting room but once they got to see the GP or Nurse they were happy with the outcome.  The practice plans to discuss this at the next PPG meeting.

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