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Kepier Medical Practice every Tuesday 2:00pm to 3:00pm

Classes have started, we are  hosting classes from B’ Active ‘N’ B’ Fit   This is a free service and available to patients of all ages.  Please see posters in the surgery or visit the web site for more details.

Are you interested in joining our patient group? Please go to the top of this  page  and click on contact us we will then contact you with details of the next meeting.

This is an image containing the Put Patients First: Back General Practice campaign run by the Royal College of General Practitioners


The number of patients who did not attend their appointments (NOT CANCELLED) at KMP during the month of  November 2016  was  170. 61 of these were for a doctor, 58 for the practice nurse and 51 for health care assistant.  The amount of total wasted clinical hours one month was 28 hours.  This is despite the practice using a texting reminder services and patients being able to cancel appointment online, text and telephone.

Virtual Group

We are aware that some patients may not always be able to attend meetings at the practice but wish to be take part in  patient participation group developments.  If you are one of these patients and would like to be kept up to date please go to the contact us tab at the top of this page and leave your contact details.  We will aim to  contact you no more than 6 times a year to obtain your views.

Coalfields – Cluster Patient Forum 

This group is known as the Coalfields Patients Forum as it is made up of patients from local practices.  All patients are welcome from Kepier Medical Practice, Houghton Medical Group, Hetton Group Practice , Westbourne Medical Group, Herrington Medical Centre and Grangewood Practice.  The patients meet on a regular basis to discuss a number of issues relating to the changes being made in the local community and the NHS nationally.  If you would like to attend these meetings then please click on the contact page and we will let you know when the next meeting is due to be held.  Please click on the  link to read the last minutes.  The next meeting will be held at KEPIER MEDICAL PRACTICE ON THE 16TH JANUARY 2017 AT 6:00pm

Sunderland Clinical Commissioning Group (SCCG)  – Clear and Credible Plan (future commissioning intention and public engagement)

If your not yet sure who the SCCG are or what they do please take a moment to read the presentation below.

Care Designed Around Patients – Public Meeting

Locality Working Presentation July 2013

SCCG have produced an excellent prospectus which sets out the work which is currently being planned for Sunderland.  Please click on the link below which will take you the prospectus.


Choose Well – Help us reduce A&E attendances
Sunderland Commissiong Group have funded the publication of the leaflet below to help people understand  where to go first when needing medical attention or advice. We have distributed these leaflets in  coalfield GP practices, local pharmacies, libraries and Gentoo offices.  We are currently monitoring all attendances at A&E. Did you know the practice is charged for every attendance at A&E and costs range from £52-£133. We would like to encourage patients to use other services for more minor problems. Remember A&E and 999 are for life threatening emergencies only.


Sunderland CCG A5 Choose Well 160513


Call to action PPT

 State of the area meeting

Sunderland Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG)

  Age UK

Letter from Dr G McBride

Patients Charter

If you would like more information on how GP commissioning  is moving forward in the Sunderland area then please go to

Care Quality Commission

The Care Quality Commission (CQC) is the independent regulator of all health and social care in England. They monitor, inspect and regulate all hospitals, care homes, home-care agencies, dental practices and GP practices.

By law, all GP practices in England must make sure that the care and treatment they provide meets national standards of quality and safety.

You can expect

  • to be respected, involved and told what’s happening at ever stage
  • care, treatment and support that meets your needs
  • to be safe
  • to be cared for by staff with the right skills to do their jobs properly
your GP practice to routinely check the quality of its services.

If you think the our practice is not meeting national standards you can raise your concerns directly with the practice, including making a formal complaint and also 
tell the CQC about the matter.

Care Quality Commission (CQC) registration started on 1st April 2013.  From June, every GP practice in England will be inspected every two years – or more frequently if a practice struggles to meet standards or if an incident requires inspection.  The inspector may wish to see a sample of patients records, for example to check their format and completeness. The general rule is that the name of the patient should be annoymised, although the CQC does have powers to look at individual patient records.  Prior consent will generally need to be sought from the patient.

The CQC inspector may wish to speak to patients to ask about our service. If you would like to you find out more about the work carried out by the CQC you can phone the CQC on 03000 616161 or online through their website at

Care Quality Commission Inspection Final Report

Date of Inspection: 28 November 2013

Date of Publication:December 2013

 Care Quality Inspection Report


Measles Fact sheet 2013 PHE




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